Here is an example of Phuket activities, which you can book from Sun Hill Hotel Patong front desk - Daytrip with a luxury yacht

Here you will find some selected activities of Phuket



Phuket’s warm clear waters, coral formations and abundant marine life are a paradise for snorkelers. You can explore Patong beach on your own or retain the services of a tour operator and venture further afield. Equipment is available to rent. Contact our hotel reception to assist with bookings.



The waters embracing the Phuket archipelago bring thousands of divers here every year. Patong Beach has numerous dive companies who offer tours. They supply all equipment; they have boats and liveaboards and extensive knowledge of the location of the best dive sites. Phi Phi island is possibly the most popular. There you can dive all day off coral reefs and explore underwater caves. There’s even a wreck which lies in shallow waters. Then, if you have the stamina, you can party all night.

The Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock are both within a day’s sail of Patong. You will need to hire a liveaboard to access them. They have both been ranked in the top ten dive locations of Southeast Asia; perhaps the world. Contact our hotel reception to assist with bookings.



If your idea of a good holiday is eighteen holes in the morning and another eighteen in the afternoon on fabulous golf courses, then Phuket is the place for you. There are six first class courses less than an hour’s drive from our hotel in Patong. They all have excellent facilities and on site dining.

For more on this just click on our Golf link.

Phuket Go-karts


Be Michael Schumacher for a day. Karting is great fun and a real adrenaline rush. Racing at 40 kph with your anatomy two inches from the tarmac does concentrate the attention. Kids, of course, being fearless, love it.

There are two tracks on the island; one is in Kathu (Patong) and the other in the Chalong Shooting Range. This latter also has plenty of other activities from marksmanship to paintballing; makes a great day out for the family.

Contact the hotel reception for details.

Jet Skiing


Here’s another one for adrenaline junkies. They can be rented directly from operators on Patong beach and many other beaches on Phuket. Charges are in the region of 700 baht for 30 minutes. Please note that this activity is not permitted in the swimming areas off the beaches – these are delineated by buoys.

Beach volleyball


Many beach hotels erect volleyball nets right on the beach and impromptu games are organised with all-comers being welcome. It’s a great way to get some exercise and meet new people. Enthusiasm is more important than skill. More organised events are often held.

For those wishing to engage in more traditional sports like tennis, squash and so on there are plenty of facilities on Phuket.

If you’re keen to stay in shape Patong has a number of professional gyms which offer packages tailor-made to your needs. Individual trainers will often be available if you desire.

For information and bookings for all the above please contact our hotel reception.



The general idea is that you get strapped into a harness which is itself attached to a parachute style wing. You’re then towed behind a motorboat and soar into the air like a bird to look down on the mere mortals below. It’s exhilarating beyond description. Try it for about 700 baht. Operators can be found directly on Patong’s beach.

Water skiing and wakeboarding


During the hot season Patong bay is like a millpond; ideal conditions for water skiing. All you need is a motorboat.

Not sure? There’s a cable ski park on an artificial lake in Kathu half way between Patong and Phuket. Hone your skills there before taking to the briny.

In the rainy season the monsoon winds blow from the south west, making ideal conditions for kite surfing and wind surfing. The beach at Chalong is the place to be.

Just ask our hotel reception to arrange everything for you.

Massage services in Phuket


Massage is an applied therapy the roots of which come from deep within Southeast Asia’s past. It is argued that at its best it’s a science and medical scholarship now acknowledges its therapeutic benefits. For most us it’s just an exquisitely pleasurable way of relaxing after a hard day at the beach. You can’t go very far in Patong without finding a parlour. They seem to be on every street corner. The prices are modest. Beware of the sleazier-looking, malodourous places. The masseuses (they are usually ladies) should have a certificate which proves they have undertaken a course of training.

If you elect to go for the traditional Thai massage (the one where you keep your clothes on) you will likely be asked if you want hard or soft. If you’re new to the game, we recommend that you take the soft option, so to speak! If you have any specific aches and pains mention these at the outset. Some techniques are quite strenuous so if you’re hurting don’t hesitate to tell them to stop.

The Patong high street parlours charge between three and five hundred per hour depending on the treatment.

At the other end of the financial spectrum are the spas. These are exquisitely designed temples of Aphrodite devoted to the soothing of the body and soul; plashing fountains, softly billowing silk, oriental decors, exotic music, perfumed airs and elegantly clad, beautiful attendants.

You will be welcomed with old-fashioned charm and what follows then is according to your desires. It will likely include steam or sauna, a relaxing soak in perfumed waters strewn with rose petals and a program of massages and beauty treatments with magical unguents, creams and soothing lotions. Be prepared to be pampered. It’s a holistic treatment which will leave you looking and feeling ten years younger. Trust us.

Don’t’ you feel that you deserve this on your holiday of a lifetime?

Of course if you’re back in the hotel feeling weary or with a touch of sunburn, help is at hand. The hotel reception can arrange for a masseuse to attend you in the comfort of your own room.