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Welcome to Patong Beach – The most popular beach destination in Phuket.

Patong Beach is by far the most famous, vibrant and developed beach in Phuket. And of course the most visited. As the most important beach destination in Phuket, Patong is widely known for it´s more than three kilometre of pristine white sandy beach. And the crystal clear water of the Andaman Sea. Patong beach is located in a large cove or bay on the West coast of the tropical resort island of Phuket – Thailand.

Patong Beach is also known for its wide selection of restaurants & shopping. There are hundreds of good restaurants & cocktailsbars. And the city of Patong is a shopping hub, with large scale shopping malls and small souvenir shops everywhere.

Patong is also world famous for its vibrant & wild nightlife. Hundreds if not thousands of bars & discos, with flamboyant neon lights and massive music drumbeats. Which can be a little excessive for the first time visitor.
The main attraction of the famous nigthlife & entertaintment is “Soi Bangla” or Bangla Road. Which only has one priority! Party and have a good time.