Activities when you stay at our Patong hotel, could be golf in Phuket or daytrip to a tropical paradise island.

There are six full-size, championship golf courses in Phuket.

– Red Mountain
– Loch Palm
– Blue Canyon
– Phuket Country Club
– Mission Hills

– Banyan Tree


Ranking golf courses is a subjective business but the list above runs approximately from ‘magnificent’ down to merely ‘very good’. The ranking is also roughly in line with the green fees charged, with Red Mountain being the newest and most expensive. It is alone in not offering membership.


They are all in the northern part of Phuket Island and are therefore easy to access from Patong beach. With so many courses in such a small area competition between them is intense. They all seek to outdo each other. Clubhouse facilities are therefore excellent. Phuket Country Club has just opened a magnificent new facility. However, without doubt, Loch Palm has the prettiest clubhouse going. Blue Canyon has two courses − Canyon and Lakes; the names are a clue to the nature of the terrain. The Canyon option is probably the most challenging in Phuket; it’s world class. That’s according to Fred Couples and he should know. Tiger Woods won the Johnny Walker Classic here in 1998 and was full of praise for the course.


Phuket Country Club is also worthy of mention. It’s located near Phuket International Airport midway between Patong Beach and Phuket City. There are two magnificently landscaped courses – the Canyon Course and the Waters Course, each with its own challenges. On the latter, the par five tenth must be the most spectacular hole on Phuket. Its 557 yard dogleg fairway follows the edge of the lake. It is therefore possible to drive your ball directly over the lake at right angles to the fairway and thus be on the green in one; if that is, and it’s a mighty big if, you can drive your ball 250 yards to carry the lake and then drop the ball accurately onto the a smallish green. The very best of luck.


A word of caution: some courses do not offer carts (buggies) so if this is a consideration for you, it’s best to enquire when booking. You can usually rent clubs, but again, it’s best to check first.


To book any of the courses please contact hotel reception.