The Sun Hill Hotel Patong – Phuket facilities & services

Beautiful Patong hotel with pool and full service Phuket accommodation in well managed property

Sun Hill Hotel Patong Accommodation Facilities


We have observed over time that many Patong and Phuket hotels are organised for the convenience of the hotel management, and guests just have ‘to fit in’. Sun Hill Hotel rejects this philosophy, wholeheartedly. As our esteemed guest in Phuket you are free to do as you want, when and where you want. After all, you’re on holiday. Our staff have been trained to be unobtrusive but attentive. When you need them they are there; when you desire privacy they are invisible. Indeed, the west wing of the hotel has private access reserved exclusively for the hotel’s guests. This is a very rare arrangement in Phuket.

Personal service

Our staff are unfailingly cheerful and courteous but they combine this Phuket charisma with knowledge and training. Just tell us what you want and we deliver; be it a car or motorbike rental, a massage or an exciting adventure tour exploring the intriguing corners of Phuket; we can organise it with providers who are honest, safe and reliable.

Prime location

The hotel is situated on the flank of a forest clad hillside; lush green vistas calm the mind while cooling breezes soothe the fire from the midday sun. Immaculately manicured gardens include perfect shade trees. Many of the upper floor balconies allow views of the superb sweep of Patong Bay. The location allows easy access to all parts of Phuket.

Pool and Jacuzzi

The crescent arc which is Patong Bay is one of the best beaches in Phuket; many would argue, in the world. However, there is no denying that in the high season, it can get pretty crowded; serried ranks of sun worshippers competing for every inch of tanning space.
In the hotel the alternative is a stone’s throw from your room. The hotel’s pool and jacuzzi, set in beautiful gardens are perfect to relax beside and then they are there to cool off whenever you want. Swimming is good exercise too. Need a drink, a snack or fresh towels? We offer full poolside services.

Exceptional value

Whether it’s the published room rate, the menus or charges for ancillary services, the prices we quote are net. All taxes are already included and we shun that favourite of hotels in Phuket and, indeed, everywhere – the service charge.
What you see is what you pay; rest assured.

Peaceful sleep

At the heart of Patong is the massive drumbeat of Soi Bangla. Hundreds of bars, discos and eateries bring people here in their thousands. Somehow, the clamour and clangour have an irresistible appeal; it’s an unforgettable experience to surrender one’s self to the endless flow of humanity; the alluring hostesses; the flashing lights; and throbbing speakers on every corner: In your face, irresistible burlesque. It brings thousands of visitors to Phuket every year.
This extravaganza continues far into the night. When you tire of the frenetic pace it is pleasant to return to the hotel where all is quiet and serene and our promise of a peaceful night’s sleep is fulfilled every night.

Free wifi and parking

If you’re using a car for excursions around Phuket you don’t have to worry about parking when you get back to the hotel. We have ample space on site.
You’re on holiday but you still want to stay connected. We have wifi in all the rooms as well as the public areas.
Need to catch your favourite sporting events or series? All rooms have satellite TV.